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It’s no secret that IT and cyber security are an important part of doing business in today’s technology-focused world.

We provide the services that keep you important information and applications safe and secure. No business regardless of size position is in a place to put security on the back-burner with the very real threat of information theft and cyber attacks. Security should not be taken lightly, and we make serious business out of keeping your network safe and secure against vulnerabilities and potential risks. You benefit from our experience and knowledge, as we are able to provide all the strategic guidance you require to implement and maintain a secure environment, streamline processes, and use your IT to your best advantage.

managed services

Tired of getting nickeled and dimed by your current IT provider? Fed up by IT costs going up and up? With our Always There Managed Services, you get one monthly bill that covers everything from security to workstations and everything else on your network! Here are a few things included:

  • Proactive maintenance on all network assets
  • 8x5 Helpdesk (24x7 is available at a slightly higher cost)
  • On-demand support (both onsite and remote) to fix problems the first time
  • ...and many more!

business continuity

When workflow stops things get ugly.

Enform Technologies gets that you can’t afford to lose any important information, applications, or resources in the event of a natural disaster, cyber attack, or some other unfortunate occurrence.

We help make sure that doesn’t happen to you.

Being able to retrieve files and information is critical. Humans make mistakes, therefore, things won’t get saved properly, important information deleted, and other mishaps are going to happen. Backup and business continuity solutions make sure those mishaps never make the major leagues.

cloud services

You hear it all the time..."The Cloud". But what is it? And better yet...what can it do for your business?

We provide cloud services that are powered by some of the biggest names in the IT industry, which enables your business to operate more efficiently, and at a much lower cost than you thought possible. Technologies like Office 365, Dropbox Enterprise, Microsoft Azure, and more can help your business stay on top of having the latest software and services to reduce cost, improve efficiency, and increase reliability.

network design

Think of your network like the roads that you drive on every day. Got that in your head? Okay, networks tend to have the same problems that you have when you drive on the way to work, the store, etc.

On the good roads, traffic tends to move steadily and evenly. On the bad? Let's just say that your blood pressure is up. :)

Whether we design a new network, or redesign an existing network, we make it so that voice and data flow quickly and evenly...which makes your business run better, your staff is more productive, and your blood pressure stays in the safe range! Call us today for your free consultation on how we can improve your business network!

voice-over-ip (voip) phone systems

Our Always There VoIP offering is a complete business communications system and service. With over 40 calling features, Hosted PBX delivers Fortune 500 style capabilities to small and mid-sized businesses. This powerful cloud-based phones system uses a company’s existing data connection and wiring. Best of all, onsite PBX hardware is not required!

With Hosted PBX you’ll enjoy:

  • Savings up to 50% on your phone bill
  • Rich, enterprise-grade calling features
  • A powerful web-based control panel
  • 24/7 support and a 99.999% uptime guarantee